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How To Invest

Investing in the stock market can be as complicated as you make it. There are many aspects of investing and strategies that cater to beginners all the way up to hedge fund managers.

Starting with Small Caps can give the small investor an opportunity for big gains. With these big gain potentials also comes more risk and danger.

The daily stock pick newsletter helps the small investor who doesn’t have time to research stocks. Our alerts are good starting points for your watch lists. We scan though thousands of stocks each day for companies on the verge of breakouts or making news. We also send out reports on emerging growth companies.

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The Following are very simple steps to get the novice investors started:

1. Open a brokerage account. Most people use online brokers such as Ameritrade or Etrade. They provide fair commission prices and simple screens for trading. A brokerage account is a like bank account that you fund and allows you to buy and sell stocks.

2. Determine your objective. Do you want to day trade or invest. Day trading or short term trading will require more time and more focus on the stocks you want to trade. A longer term strategy will not determine as much time but should involve more research in the companies you plan to invest in.

3. Once you have your objective determined, buy the stocks you like. Stop losses or an exit plan should always be in place when buying any stock. An exit plan minimizes losses and helps profit profits to the upside.

4. A good place to research companies is Yahoo Finance, Big Charts, Pink Sheets.